Organic Silica; Anti-Oxidant; Anti-Inflammation; Anti-Virus
Hepatitis C virus

Papilloma Virus

Shingles virus

Genital herpes virus

Influenza virus

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Silicium Orgono brand
Made in Florida USA


You have come to the right place if your diagnosis has any of those words. Our atomic powered perpetually recharging micromagnetic hydrogen, oxygen and silicon fields instantly take apart every virus it runs into.

Our mono-methyl-silanetriol Star Trek-like molecule destroys viruses that cause inflammation that is at the root of all disease. It was patented as a viricide in America in 1995. “Organic silica” means hydrogen + silica in the chemical world, not a garden vegetable growing in soil.

The nanomagnetic force fields are perpetually generated by negative and positive ions assembled into plumes forced by a methyl group into forever movement. This is basic atomic energy. It took 20 years to create. You can see these billions of hydroxels moving as if alive when you focus an electron microscope on a couple of drops of our Living Silica. Nothing remotely like it on Earth.

ARTHRITIS (all 100 kinds)

Item [5] on the Order page is 2 bottles of Organic Silica liquid and one silica G5 Gel pump bottle. Works on every movable joint inside and outside. From your neck to your toes. The gel version goes through your skin directly into all the local capillaries where all the pain is located. Sometimes the relief is within minutes.


We are maybe the most effective anti-oxidant (that means anti-inflammatory)molecule in the world. Nobody knows what to do as I from personal experience. I stopped my Shingles attack pain in 3 days. Average period is 3 to 4 months. No medicine for it.


FDA listed as Liquid Dietary Supplement. No adverse side effects, allergens, interactions or toxins. Used in Europe since at least 1980. Patented in U.S. in 1995. This is a well tested, safe, and world accepted product.

image of acresusa cover page. RE-CONNECT MUSCLES TO BONES
“Silica And The Microbe's Kiss” is an article in Acres USA magazine on how Loic LeRibault's discovery is made. It tells of a chiropractor who ripped his rotator cuff. Surgery failed. Organic Silica fixed it.

Rotator Cuff rips are incurable tendon trauma. I had a freak accident that ripped my right shoulder so that my arm dangled uselessly. No sleep. Three months of around the clock application of the gel fixed it.

Our 30 day guarantee is extended to 60 days from the date you receive the silica. Some repair jobs take more than a month.



Silicon is an element of Earth. You eat it in every salad. It is in your toothpaste as Silicon dioxide. A search on the web by Google will turn up products calling themselves silicon or silica that will do all sorts of things for you.

For example, Diatomaceous Earth is specially ground skeletons of prehistoric diatoms mined by the ton from ancient seabeds. It will prevent ants from entering your abode, and kill bedbugs and roaches if you know how to use it, but will not harm you or children or dogs and cats.

This short piece is to alert you to dig for truth before you purchase a product that you assume is what you want. Is it FDA approved? Patented? Has adverse side effects? Made in USA? Is the CEO available to talk to? Who do I call if I need help?


Dr. Norman Smith, DC,DNM. holistic healer. Life Style Wellness Center. Pineville, MO. . “The silica goes to the brain and spinal cord first, then to organs.” Dr. Smith uses the G5 Gel and Liquid in his daily practice. His patients repeatedly buy Living Silica because it “charges their batteries.”

Richard Olree,DC Olree Chiropractic Center. Hillman,MI. Hockey trauma tore his rotator cuff. G5 Gel cured it after surgery failed. Uses Silicium G5 Gel on patients. Story told above in Acres USA.

Dr.Robert Mascarotti,DC Esprit Healing Center. San Jose, CA. Uses Silicium G5 Gel in his practice; sells Silicium Orgono Living Silica (1000ml) to his patients by the case.

Barry Tauch, President,clinical nutritionist. Cost Plus Nutrition. San Antonio,TX. Silicium Orgono Living Silica (1000ml) is a “structural imperative” centerpiece of every one of his custom designed therapeutic diets. Highly regarded around San Antonio.

Hi: Did this page bring hope to you? The problems listed above are incurable in conventional medicine. Our solutions are offered to bring “sustained remissions.” (“cure” is taboo) I will gladly answer your silica oriented questions if you email them to me at
Burton Linne, Senior Applications Consultant; Sacramento, California, November 2016.

No claims are made here to diagnose or cure any medical disease or provide medical advice. Nobody has approved anything said on this website. It is all my opinion and experience except for what late Dr. Loic LeRibault says in his tutorial; and what my clients have told me since 2009. See top bar.

image of Silicium Living Liquid vascular and organ restoration bioavailable organic silica

Organic Living Silica
Destroys all viruses that we know of, and likely all others we do not know of.

image of G5 Gel joint pain relief bioavailable organic silica

G5 Gel
Topical Living Silica
Used instead of a taped gauze pad soaked with silica.

Viral Disease
Hepatitis a,b,c
Head Cold

Skin Disease

Joint Inflammation Disease
100 Kinds Of Arthritis

Respiratory Diseases
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease—breathlessness)